Decorating Tricks: 5+ Painting Hacks You Need To Know

If you’re keen to change the colour and look of your home, and are thinking of embarking on a decorating project, here are some top design tips and tricks you can incorporate to create the look and finish you want.

Make a room feel bigger

If you’re struggling with the size of a room, you can use clever paint tricks to help it feel bigger than it really is. Decorate the room with light colours in a low contrast palette (ie shades that are from the same families), such as shades of soft grey, cream or white. To increase the effect, choose furniture in matching shades and you’ll end up with a room that feels more spacious than it actually is.

Visually stretch the height of a room

Decorating Tricks: 5+ Painting Hacks You Need To Know

If you’re keen to create the illusion that a room is taller than it really is, then paint your skirting boards to match the walls. Skirting boards typically tend to be left white or plain, to contrast with other wall colours and designs. Instead, paint your skirting boards to match the colour of your walls, keeping the ceiling in a contrasting colour, such as white. That way attention will be naturally drawn towards the ceiling, making the height of the room seem taller.

Amplify light in a room

If you want to increase the amount of light in a room, whilst also helping it feel more spacious, then have a go using high gloss paint on your ceiling. White high gloss paint is very effective in itself, you could ramp it up a gear by using a bright, contrasting colour. Any light coming into the room, for example from windows, will bounce around wonderfully on the ceiling. Be aware though that high gloss paint also highlights any imperfections, so you’ll need to keep it in tip top condition!

Enhance a narrow hallway

Whilst dark paint isn’t necessarily ideal for the walls of a long narrow hallway, it does work on skirting boards. If your hall walls are painted in a light colour, such as soft grey, off white or duck egg blue, you can use dark paint on your skirting boards to draw the eye along your hallway, leading to the door. It’s a clever paint trick that really works.

Visually stretch the length of a room

Decorating Tricks: 5+ Painting Hacks You Need To Know

If you want to create the effect that a room is longer than it really is, then get clever with stripes! Choose one or two walls and paint horizontal stripes on them, using masking tape to get them neat and even. Using contrasting colours, such as classic monotone black and white, will enhance the effect more and add an increased illusion of depth.

Have you tried any of these decorating hacks, or do you have any others to recommend? Tell us in the comments below.

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Decorating Tricks: 5+ Painting Hacks You Need To Know

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